Sustainable, Wearable Fashion

We believe in creating fashionable, wearable art. To inspire, excite, delight & suit your mood day in, day out.  While this is incredibly important to who we are, we also believe that this opportunity should not come at the price of our people or our planet.  All our Elvie pieces are #Made in Melbourne, hand made by men & women that we know & appreciate.  They are hand crafted with experience, respect and years of experience to bring you beautifully designed elements.  Our #French Terry is made in Melbourne, sewn, laundered, embroidered & delivered by people that care, respect & appreciate being part of the Elvie Journey.  Our #Premium denim is made in Turkey by Isko, a world leader in denim, who have a strong commitment to following the UN’s Sustainability Development Goals.  

We hope you enjoy wearing Elvie, as much as we enjoy making it for you. x  

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