Button-downs needn’t be basic. From breezy linen blouses to Hawaiian-style co-ords, These out-of-office shirts are tailor-made for a heatwave.

The first signs of warm weather are often our cue to abandon ‘practical’ dressing altogether and reach for the more whimsical items in our wardrobes. This summer, however, we can’t help but be drawn to the versatility of a summer shirt – and the endless combinations it allows for. Get creative with hems, cuffs and collars; even the most simple linen button-down can take on a new lease of life (see the nonchalant styling of British Vogue’s Sarah Harris). Likewise, SS21’s bold patterns and sugary pastels can be paired with crisp whites for an unexpected pop of color – or matching bikinis and bucket hats for poolside maximalism.

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